About DNA Storm Games Inc.

DNA Storm is a Montreal-based SME (small-medium business) founded in 2010 by Michael Chartrand. It brings together a small team that has a common passion for video games. For the moment, despite their busy schedule, all the team members are working on the company on their spare time. Evolving in their respective fields, everyone brings their strengths and experiences to contribute to the well DNA Storm universe development.

The DNA Storm team is mainly dedicated to the creation of video games of all kinds. But, to date, it has developed several prototypes, games and applications. New in the industry, DNA Storm is trying to make itself known in Quebec and who knows one day perhaps, elsewhere in the world.

The concept behind the DNA Storm logo actually symbolizes a storm ideas coming from each of the team’s member. Each idea once assembled forms a new DNA. Merged into a storm, they create unique games. (DNA Storm Games)

Our mission

Design games of all kinds that are both fun and visually beautiful which will attract and encourage the users who to take the time to discover them.

Our long term goal is to reach the mobile market, as much as iOS and Android and eventually, we would like to exploit 3D on PC, Mac and console. Making DNA Storm a competitive company in the market would be a longer-term goal for us.

The team

Michaël Chartrand


When he was young, Michaël was already a fan of computer science, design and programming. In short, he was already touching all facets of game’s world. Passionate about this virtual world, he studied multimedia in College to find out which of the many facets of this area would make him want to push his knowledge and his interest even further.

To date, he specializes as a "Lead developer" (games, web and interactive installation) and work for the company Version 10. During evenings and weekends, he works many hours to advance DNA Storm. From conception to programming until the final result, he touches everything, or so. He leaves the visual to the other DNA Storm members.

What is his biggest dream? Make DNA Storm a company you will never forget.

Finally, he is a passionate "geek" professional who likes to enjoy life and transmit this joy to those around him. 

What better than to love what we do!

Pascal Blanchet


Pascal is a senior developer. He has many years of experience in web development and custom-made application programming. He has experience in creation of online stores, content management systems, portal, corporate intranet and more. Pascal has an excellent command of object oriented programming. In addition, he has strong knowledge of UNIX system that is to say in multi-user and multitasking operating program. He is also fascinated by emerging Web technologies and is always on the lookout for news.

Pascal joined the team from the very foundation of DNA Storm. He qualifies as a big enthusiast of wide-ranging games, intergalactic and spacial strategies. Pascal works on the progress of the complex programming, the server and all the management in the background; such as gamification, resource and information management. He is also working on the more advanced design of immersive 3D games

Émilie Dagenais


Émilie works on design, scenario improvement and text composition. With us recently, she is largely responsible for administration and customer support. Émilie brings a feminine touch to the DNA Storm team at the marketing level.



Levian is an artist who has been drawing since he was very young. With all his years of experience, he discovered his own style. Like Michael, he is a graduate student from multimedia program in College Maisonneuve in Montreal. He also holds a major in 3D. Among other things, he deals with interfaces, concepts and visual elements, animations and the artistic direction of the projects. Levian joined the team at its founding. Without him, the projects would be made of bland colors and simple inanimate geometric forms.

DNA Team's Member


Desiring to keep his identity hidden for the moment, you may have one day, the chance to learn more about this outstanding 3D artist. Until then, we can say that Mr. DNA Team's Member is a 3D passionate and video games. Since graduating from high school, he has gained several years of experience in this field. He is currently working on everything related to the representation of relief images of animations, objects, characters, special effects, and more ...